Welcome to the P.D.R.M.

2 August 2007

So some woman in Ocean City has been charged with killing her own fetuses. As awful as that is, I find the logic behind this caveat in Maryland’s fetal homicide law even more revolting.

The fetal homicide law was designed to penalize those who kill a pregnant woman or her viable fetus, but it includes a provision shielding pregnant women from prosecution for actions that result in the death of their own fetuses.

State Delegate Susan K. McComas, a Republican who co-sponsored the bill, said the exemption was added by majority Democrats who feared the bill would restrict a woman’s right to abortion. “We weren’t contemplating a woman doing something to her own fetus,” McComas said.

How is abortion not doing something to the fetus? Arrgh…

 The entire article is at http://www.adelphia.net/news/read.php?ps=1011&id=13892426&_LT=HOME_LARSDCCL1_UNEWS


4 Responses to “Welcome to the P.D.R.M.”

  1. Rebecca said

    Well Rob, you know my position on choice, so I’m not going to get into that with you. However, I wonder what medical or psychological services were or were not available to her. I wonder what is going to pan out. Was she prone to miscarriage? What was all the deal? What about Maryland–do we have a safe haven law where you can drop off a newborn w/o question at firehouses, etc.? Hmm….

  2. zokilavabe said

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

    I don’t really think I meant this post to be anti-abortion. I understand that there need to be some exceptions written into laws like this one, due to the nature of the pluralist society that we live in. However, it is illogical to draw a distinction between what this woman did and abortion- the result is the same.

  3. snarla said

    Usually an abortion affects an embryo, not a fetus. I think it’s an important distinction.
    If it’s legal in MD to get an abortion up until late in the pregnancy, then logically it should be legal to inflict an abortion on yourself up until late in the pregnancy.
    Regarding the woman in the story, there’s a whole lot that we don’t know, and I admit that I’m inappropriately and morbidly curious to know more.

  4. zokilavabe said

    Well, that’s true, but if it is a distinction, who makes it, and when?
    And I admit, I’ve wondered if there were other issues here, like abuse or mental illness, which might lessen the sense of moral outrage were they known.

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