Remarkably timely statements

9 December 2007

I think the most important thing here is this: even way back in 1998, Ron Paul was talking about ending the war in Iraq! (You’ll see what I mean if you read the whole thing..)


Far too often, the bombing of declared (or concocted) enemies, whether it’s the North Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Sudanese, the Albanians, or the Afghans, produces precisely the opposite effect to what is sought. It kills innocent people, creates more hatred toward America, unifies and stimulates the growth of the extremist Islamic movement and makes them more determined than ever to strike back with their weapon of choice — terror.

The excuse for the U.S. to strike back, given by the President, was to “protect U.S. sovereignty” and to “spread democracy” throughout the world. Prior to last week, though, how many Americans were lying awake at night worrying about an attack by the Sudanese, let alone from our old friends the Freedom Fighters of Afghanistan? Until last week, not one American in 10 million had ever heard of this week’s “Hitler”– Osama bin Laden.

Our current policy in the Middle East is indeed a threat to our security, for it puts more Americans in increased danger. Protecting our so-called interests, i.e., controlling Arab oil, is not worth the danger of giving the Islamic extremist the ammunition and the incentive to unite an entire region — a region which quite possibly has access to nuclear weapons — against all American citizens around the world.

Once again, he said this on August 24, 1998!


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