The mainstream media wants to muzzle political dialogue

22 December 2007

“…the aftermath of the GOP debates has taught us that the path to the Oval office is off-limits to any candidate who is not bought and paid for (lock, stock & barrel) by special interests and the corporate media. Barely a handful of pre-approved lackeys are selected and lavished with an overwhelming amount of media coverage while anyone who stands for real issues or offers a viable alternative is shunned, or even worse, censored.

When Paul’s name comes up in a discussion of candidates, one hears words like “wacky” & “deranged” being kicked around as often as “flamboyant” and “eccentric”.  Someone unfamiliar with the man couldn’t help but walk away thinking he was a member of Nicholson’s supporting cast from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

For those who have managed to delve a little deeper, Paul’s message of getting government out of our personal lives, destroying the IRS and returning to a founding father foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements is clearly evergreen and craved for by a huge chunk of informed, engaged and active American citizens.


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