Harry Reid is a wienie

1 January 2008

Heard from a friend that our esteemed Senate majority leader sent a letter to Mormon bishops in Nevada asking them to tell their congregations to stop sending him criticism regarding his various stances. Seems to me that’s an implicit contravention of the Church’s policy on politics. I mean, if a building cannot be used for political purposes, and no one is supposed to support any one candidate from the pulpit, seems like a bishop should just ignore his congregation’s political activities, more or less. I hope he didn’t use the Church’s stakes directory to get those addresses!
Our Gospel Doctrine class was a little close to the edge one day. The teacher asked what people thought about Romney’s religion speech. Everyone was very approving, and I got the sense there were a lot of people in the ward who are going to vote for him because he’s “our” candidate. Booo… or maybe I should say Baa-aa-ahh!

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