Random thoughts on the current state of affairs

22 January 2008

Ron Paul is the only real friend of the Constitution out there. Romney has shown in many instances that he doesn’t understand many of its provisos; he’s running out of people to pander to. McCain is a liberal in conservative clothing, who doesn’t care if we are in Iraq for 100 years. Giuliani is a joke; I get the urge to do a stiff-arm salute whenever I hear him bloviate.
There was no problem with Islamic fundamentalism in Iraq until we got there. We have brought a terrible scourge on the Iraqi people. However, when we leave, it will get better, not worse, as some are saying.
Here’s a quote from an article I just read. ‘Sometimes the best way to understand a position is by contrast, so here is another amazing video of Dr. Paul getting it right on Iraq, back in 2002. Not only does he denounce the war, since “Iraq poses no threat to the United States,” but notes that pre-emptive war is an incredibly dangerous concept, and this aggression would be unique in American history. Finally, he correctly notes that Iraq is an impoverished third-world nation with no Air Force or Navy, that hasn’t hit a single one of our fighters enforcing the UN no fly zone, even after thousands of sorties.’
As for Ron Paul being a dark horse, well, he finished second in Nevada, and will no doubt continue to do well. We could quibble on the meaning of “morally abandoning Israel,” though I hardly think that giving billions of dollars every year in foreign aid to Israel’s putative enemies Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Pakistan counts as a pro-Israel foreign policy. Speaking of Pakistan, we are about to see some massive blowback from our policies over there in the last decade. Propping up a military dictatorship in the name of fighting terrorism is immoral and un-American. They are practically in a civil war already, and much of it has to do with fundamentalist anger at our irreponsible foreign policy. If only more politicians could see the value, as Washington did, of avoiding foreign entanglements.

By the way, I believe that, like “overpopulation” in the seventies, the belief that man’s activities are driving global warming is a leftist, secular pseudo-religion being forced on decent people everywhere. If we were truly serious about combatting it, we’d unleash the full powers of the free market. Instead, we get corn ethanol subsidies (but high tariffs against Brazilian ethanol, mind you!), and calls for greater government regulation of emissions. Who suffers? You and me, that’s who.


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