The Federal Reserve is doing its level best to destroy this country:

Ron Paul voted against the $325 billion bailout boondoggle bill. His view of this bill hits at the heart of the issue:

“It is neither morally right nor fiscally wise to socialize private losses in this way. The solution is for government to stop micromanaging the economy and let the market adjust, as painful as that will be for some. We should not force taxpayers, including renters and more frugal homeowners, to switch places with the speculators and take on those same risks that bankrupted them. It is a terrible idea to spread the financial crisis any wider or deeper than it already is, and to prolong the agony years into the future. Socializing the losses now will only create more unintended consequences that will give new excuses for further government interventions in the future. This is how government grows – by claiming to correct the mistakes it earlier created, all the while constantly shaking down the taxpayer. The market needs a chance to correct itself, and Congress needs to avoid making the situation worse by pretending to ride to the rescue.”

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Let me say that again. The housing crisis is not somehow a market failure. The “ownership society” has its roots in the disastrous effects of the New Deal. You and I, and all taxpayers, will have to pay for the fallout if Freddie and Fannie are nationalized. We should be angry about this; especially about the idiot Barney Franks of the world that are doing their best to make it worse. To add insult to injury, the Repubs under Bush are now all over the map: a few socialist policies here, a few fascist policies there, et cetera ad infinitum.

Dude, where’s my country?

[Ed. note: When I first typed “ownership society” it came out “pwnership society”!!  lol… No doubt some kind of weird political Freudian slip!]