23 March 2010

Must say, I do agree..

It probably means bad things for the Dems, though.

UPDATE: Here’s a sledgehammer of a quote.

“Although proponents of socialized medicine delight in scoring rhetorical points against free market medicine by reciting horror stories about HMOs, the managed care/managed competition philosophy should not be considered free market medicine, but rather a form of collusion between private entities and government.”  –Dr. Miguel Faria, Cuban-born neurosurgeon and health freedom activist

(h/t Will Grigg, via LRC)


Madagascar follies

21 March 2010

Having lived for 16 months in Antananarivo in the mid-90s, it saddens me greatly to see that Madagascar never seems to be able to get past these sordid political squabbles. These “leaders” need to see that their people are suffering.

The scene at the top of the blogmast is actually the Madagascar coast.

The Racket

9 March 2010

Bernie Madoff was a piker. He could never have stolen so much from so many. The Fed is enriching its buddies by buying all their worthless paper. It is astounding how many lies are being told to protect the Fed’s racket. How many bootlickers like Mel Watts are leaping under the lash of their bankster overlords to preserve the status quo.

free your mind

9 March 2010

Some interesting/important/subversive/fill-in-the-adjective articles I’ve read recently: