Don’t people know that Saudi Arabia only supplies the US with about 15% of its overall consumption?  Maybe, instead of “jawboning” them, we should give up this stupid notion that cheap gas is our national birthright, and start living some economic reality.


I find it patently offensive that some people try to paint Ron Paul as anti-Semitic. Herewith an excerpt from a post from Spanish lawyer Jose Cohen, writing on

Here are some more “anti-Semitic” statements from Paul: in an article on he wrote: “Most other Middle East countries get money too, some of which ends up in the hands of Palestinian terrorists (…) Yet while we call ourselves a strong ally of the Israeli people, we send billions in foreign aid every year to some Muslim states that many Israelis regard as enemies. From the Israeli point of view, many of the same Islamic nations we fund with our tax dollars want to destroy the Jewish state.(…)”

After voting “No” to a House of Representatives resolution that, during the last Lebanon war, condemned Hezbollá and supported Israel, Paul explained his decision as follows: “I follow a policy in foreign affairs called non-interventionism. I do not believe we are making the United States more secure when we involve ourselves in conflicts overseas. The Constitution really doesn’t authorize us to be the policemen of the world, much less to favor one side over another in foreign conflicts.”

Can anyone deduce anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism from these statements? Not at all in any rational world. What Paul is defending for his country is a legitimate non-interventionist position. His attitude is entirely incompatible with anti-Semitism. He does not oppose the aid to Israel because he considers Jews outrageous genocidal maniacs who massacre Palestinians. Nor is it because he is a die-hard anti-Zionist opposing Israel’s right to exist. And much less so is it because he is sympathetic to Palestinian terrorism. No, he votes in this manner for profound ideological reasons that are based on the U.S. Constitution and his libertarian philosophy.

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30 August 2007

Well, it would be nice. Ron Paul in 2008?

Giuliani is running for President of 9/11…