Cavuto gets PWNED

22 December 2007

Found this great blog by William Grigg:

Cavuto attempted to put Ron Paul on the defensive regarding a $500 donation to the Paul presidential campaign by white supremacist Don Black, who operates the Stormfront neo-Nazi website.

By focusing on this one aberrant contribution, Cavuto – or, most likely, those who sign his paycheck and determine the specific length of his leash – wanted to convey the impression that the significance of that donation eclipses the Paul campaign’s accomplishment of collecting roughly $18 million, most of it in very small individual amounts, in a fund-raising drive that is being carried out almost entirely by volunteers.



9 October 2007

I’d say he should quit and get out, but then, I am a fan of Ron Paul…

The kernel of evil

10 August 2007

As soon as I heard about the new arms deals announced for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel, I knew it was a disaster waiting to happen. How many times in our history have we armed a “friend” only to have them become our enemy a few decades later? This will not keep Iran in check, it will inaugurate a new arms race in the Middle East…

“Pouring weapons on this scale into a kingdom with an aging leadership, and which is still the fountainhead of Sunni extremism, does not seem prudent,” argues Dore Gold, author of “Hatred’s Kingdom.”

Drought? What drought?

29 July 2007

It drives me insane when people in my neighborhood water their lawns every day.

Wow, I couldn’t agree more. It is perverse that the personalities most associated with “saving” Africa are not African.