What does it for you?

12 August 2007

I borrow the title of this post from the following linked blog with respect. I periodically reread this post and its comments to remind me of what it is about my beliefs that keeps me going.

“…especially the connotations that attach to words like “emotional” and “appealing.” I’ve known a lot of people who, when they base a decision on such grounds, end up getting rid of very important things, like a religion or a marriage or…Western Civ. And when he talks of “Western-style monotheism”, we know what he’s talking about even as we wonder if such a thing actually exists. The word “style” has that ephemeral feel to it, of a thing that goes in and out of fashion, of a matter of taste freely chosen from the buffet of alternatives, to which we took with gusto because it seemed congenial to our way of life. But if the religion was revealed rather than chosen, then it chose us, not the other way about. It made the West, and much in our manners and morals issued from it.”

Read the whole thing.  http://www.whatswrongwiththeworld.net/2007/06/what_does_it_for_you.html