Ron Paul will win

14 December 2011

The mainstream media wakes up


Tea Party manifesto

18 July 2010

I ran across these sentiments by a committed TP’er, and i think they deserve to get out there. Hope the author will appreciate the spirit in which his thoughts are re-posted. [h/t The Daily Bell]


I watch with amusement as the clueless media attempt to mold the public’s perception of the Tea Party, while politicians try to attack a formless enemy or else try to find the parade and jump out in front so at to pretend to lead it.

Indeed, the roots of the movement grew from the ‘brush fire’ started by the Ron Paul campaign.

Here’s what they will never understand and why those of us who are trying to help the movement will never be ‘co-opted’:

EVERY one of the people in my area who made signs and papered the town with them had never participated in politics in any way before, ever. What motivated them to stand on street corners holding signs was hope; what gave them hope was a chance to educate the mindless populace despite all of the manipulations of the political and press machines. What motivated these people is a philosophy of individualism and property rights along with a conviction that the constitution was instituted to protect those rights. These people were spending nights making copies of videos such as “Money As Debt” and “Zeitgeist” and handing them out on street corners to drivers passing by.

Obviously, a grass fire burns in directions that are difficult to direct or predict. So perhaps there might be a few ‘mindless followers’ or ‘racists’ showing up at rallies. But attempts to mold the Tea Party’s identity or ‘take it over’ are likely to fail because all such attempts miss a fundamental point: We don’t accept the meme that politicians should be “Leaders”. We don’t follow. We don’t “Lead”, either. We expect our government to act as our servant. We don’t willingly accept orders. We don’t compromise on our basic principles, which we consider essential to our survival. We don’t seek acceptance, we don’t care what others think, we don’t alter our judgment based on what others say. We don’t alter our message to be more palatable to the ‘other side’, we reject any attempt to enslave us further. We don’t need the approval of the press or the political machine, and we expect only opposition and dirty tricks of every sort from them. We are, in effect, ungovernable. We comply with unjust laws out of compulsion, not consent, and we never forget it. Whatever our differences, we can agree that the original constitution would be a good starting point for a ‘government reset’.

That is why the attempts to defame or define us are simply amusing. In the attempt, the machine confesses its sins, confirms our convictions, makes our point for us, and looks silly in the process.

Our real power comes from the fact that due to the tools provided by the internet, we are no longer isolated. It matters not if we are only 3% or any percentage of the population. What matters is that our convictions are based on truth and our message can no longer be silenced and so will continue to bring people over, never to return. And the internet not only facilitates the flow of information, but also money, as proven by money-bombs.

The effect of this power will be a growing risk to turn-coat politicians. Those who sell themselves as ‘Tea Party’ candidates and then betray their voters by becoming a cog in the Leviathan machine will not last past the next election. Those who have proven themselves part of the machine and who attempt to ‘lead’ will go down to ignominious defeat. The power of government and press to mold people’s world-view is crumbling fast.

Those who think the Republican Party will co-opt us or take us over miss the point most of all. Though we may never be a majority, our ultimate trump card is that we can destroy the ability of the Republican Party machine to field squishy candidates. We are not afraid to throw an election to the Democrat Socialists if the party machine tries to put down a genuine candidate in favor of a Fabian Socialist from its own machine. We can do this by having the Tea Party candidate run as an independent to split the vote and deny the machine candidate any chance at winning. No longer will the Republican Party be able to present voters with a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ lesser-of-two-evils candidate. We refuse to support evil, no matter what kind of lipstick it wears.

The Republican Party will not co-opt the Tea Party. The Republican Party will be reformed to stop fielding collectivist, authoritarian candidates, or it will cease to be relevant. And if the populace at large swallows the machine’s message and elects socialists, then it deserves to get what it wants, good and hard. As with the election of Obama, maybe a taste of it is what the public needs to re-examine whether this is really what they want.

This will take time, and success is not assured. But it is encouraging to see that support is much higher than anyone thought in the days when we were successfully isolated from one another.

Sarah Palin will not be a ‘tea party’ candidate for president and if the foolish attempt is made the campaign will wither in ridicule. Scott Brown has sealed his fate as a ‘tea party’ candidate forever; don’t be surprised if he switches parties for the next election.

Even Fox News is pushing the meme that “anti-incumbency sentiment is sweeping the nation”. That’s just wishful thinking on their part. They would like to guide the movement over to that comfortable framing of peoples’ world-view back into their standard left-right paradigm. Too bad for them, the cat is out of the bag and running rampant on the internet. They dare not acknowledge that the sentiment is anger at the violation of our individual rights to our own life and property, and rebellion at the collectivist principles behind the destruction of our constitution. When people wake up to the reality of the Money Lie and see what powers our government, it is a life-altering experience. They never go back to being the way they were: apathetic and ignorant. The cure is permanent.   –John Danforth


this is absolutely hilarious. Not just the Shut Up video either…

I’ve half a mind to go on and submit one myself.

Everyone who cares for humanity should be doing their damnedest to protest this rush to war.

Instead, prepare for a prolonged period of cooling. The warmest year on record was 1998.


23 March 2010

Must say, I do agree..

It probably means bad things for the Dems, though.

UPDATE: Here’s a sledgehammer of a quote.

“Although proponents of socialized medicine delight in scoring rhetorical points against free market medicine by reciting horror stories about HMOs, the managed care/managed competition philosophy should not be considered free market medicine, but rather a form of collusion between private entities and government.”  –Dr. Miguel Faria, Cuban-born neurosurgeon and health freedom activist

(h/t Will Grigg, via LRC)

Madagascar follies

21 March 2010

Having lived for 16 months in Antananarivo in the mid-90s, it saddens me greatly to see that Madagascar never seems to be able to get past these sordid political squabbles. These “leaders” need to see that their people are suffering.

The scene at the top of the blogmast is actually the Madagascar coast.